One VIP Sale

ONE VIP SALE ( International Brokerage )

Corporate Headquarters is located in Dover, Delaware State, USA.
It is a company with over 3300 partners in 44 countries.
It provides international service in 3 fields.
Wholesale Real Estate (Housing, Land, Business)
Customs Outlet (Spot products in every sector)
Export Center (Procurement Services)

Wholesale Real Estate:
Our members can use the platform to take part of referral system to sell housing real estate (everything with four walls and ceilings), land (everything that has neither walls nor a ceiling) and the businesses (all kinds of institutions and companies that are currently working or not working, except real estate).Members can provide brokerage services in the sale of above-mentioned assets.
Members can add the above-mentioned products to the system pool. They can sell all products worldwide as its own portfolio to customers. You can use the portfolio of thousands of members worldwide as their own.
System carries out customer follow up process with VBT (Vip Information Scan).
One Vip Sale International platform is represented by UGADER (International Real Estate Brokerage Services, Education, Social Aid and Solidarity Association) as a Non-Governmental Organization. With the UGADER CLUP brand, members can participate in seminars, training, travel, conferences and all kinds of events that will increase their efficiency.

Customs Outlet: The products that manufacturers and sellers have difficulty selling in many countries around the world (outdated, end of series, misfire, returned, less damaged, defective, defected, belonging bankrupted companies, seizure, display products and used products) were offered for sale at customs. One VIP sale provides intermediary services in the sales and marketing of products including idle finished products, semi-finished products, raw materials and recycled products.

Export Center: It offers services in 2 ways under the title of Export Center.
Offer: It conducts overseas sales management by supplying to buyers in 44 countries with a system where only 1 company is involved in each sector from companies that want to export.
Demand: It provides brokerage services by meeting the product and service requirements coming from the worldwide system with the right partner.